JONAMOON is an independent Country\Folk-Rock band
located in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The band members include:
Jonathan Weinreich - Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals
Tamar Perry - Violin and Lead Vocals
Sheffi Roth - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Nadav Berkovits - Keyboard
Daniel Wieder - Bass Guitar
Omer Pank - Drums

JONAMOON was founded in 2015 as a project by lead singer Jonathan Weinreich & drummer Omer Pank, who met
each other in the IDF military bands.
Later came the rest of the group members.
The group began their journey together and today are performing, recording and making noise in the Israeli music
A group of young professionals who are all valued musicians in the country’s industry.

JONAMOON brings fresh expression within the country/folk-rock genre through unique vocal melodies, their warm
dynamic (both onstage and off) & Loads of ENERGY!


On May of 2017 the band had their first tour in Israel.

On October 15th of 2017 the band released their first live session EP - “Lunar”.

On April 1st of 2018 JONAMOON released their recent single 'Friends', which is a part of a new EP the band is working on these days.

They are currently unsigned, always working on new music and big plans for the future.


Jonathan Weinreich

Birthday: 26 Feb 1993

Musician, producer and songwriter.

Born in Tel aviv yet raised in the US (Mellvile, NY) until the age of 8, when he returned to Israel with his family. 
Although the time spent in the US was at an early age, Jon absorbed the musical culture and style of the Rock, Folk & Country music strongly, grew up playing all instruments and with time played drums in several Rock bands.
Today Jon is Living in Tel Aviv. A performer with hundreds of performances acquired in bands and tours around the world. Also involved in many other productions and large projects including television and projects with famous artists on large stages.



Tamar Perry

Birthday: 2 Jun 1996

Musician, composer, songwriter, violinist and singer.
Tamar started her way as a classical violin performer and played concerts since she was 6 years old. She also composed and performed her own musical materials both on violin and guitar on many stages and productions.
Tamar served two years in the IAF military band as a singer and violinist and during her service she performed many shows within the state of Israel and abroad. 
Today Tamar lives in Tel Aviv. She is an active session musician and performs with many Israeli artists.



Sheffi Roth

Birthday: 6 Oct 1994

Musician, performer and guitar player.

Grew up in Amikam, Israel.

Sheffi started playing the banjo at the age of 12 and guitar at 13 and was highly inspired by Celtic music as well as the Country and Bluegrass genres.

In his military service, Sheffi served as a guitar player and musical arranger in the IDF's military band.

He performed many shows within the state of Israel and overseas, and was a member in several bands and projects.

Today Sheffi lives in Tel Aviv and is an active session player, guitar teacher and producer


Nadav Berkovits

Birthday: 5 Jan 1995

Musician, Pianist and Composer.
Nadav comes from a classical and jazz training and performed many shows in Israel and abroad, some of which were part of a tour with the Haifa Big Band Orchestra.
In the army he served as a pianist and musical arranger in the Air Force Band.
After he finished his army service he moved to Tel-Aviv and continued to work with a lot of musicians and bands. 
Nowadays he's working with JONAMOON and other different projects.


Daniel Wieder

Birthday: 30 Jan 1994

Musician, performer and Bass player
Daniel grew up in Kfar Saba, Israel. 
Started playing the bass at the age of 14. 
He preformed many shows in Israel and abroad and served in the IDF's military band as a bass player and a musical arranger.
Nowadays Daniel's main project is JONAMOON.


Omer Pank

Birthday: 30 Nov 1994

Musician, drummer and musical producer.
Omer started playing the drums when he was 9 years of age, and played in youth bands and small projects.

He learnt musical production in "BPM college" in Tel aviv and built his own home studio.

At the age of 18, Omer recruited to the IDF military band and began working with large scale productions with various famous artists in Israel.

Today Omer is an active session player and works on his own projects including JONAMOON.